Bando Torno Subito 2022

Leave your land, study and return home experienced.
SIINFO will make your dreams come true.

Who promotes it?

in particular, the Education, Research, School and University Department.

which supports the contribution beneficiaries during the project flow.

Leave, Grow, Return

What is it?

Torno Subito 2022 is a scholarship provided by the Lazio Region for young people living in Rome or in Lazio aged from 18 to 35, who are unemployed. The initiative promotes high quality education and development in the professional field. SIINFO will be by your side during your journey, giving you the specialization necessary to build your career in the world of Digital.

Make your dreams come true with the project provided by SIINFO

The project will be divided into two Phases

- Phase 1 -

Choose a learning course outside of Lazio – it can be any other Region in Italy or the rest of the world.

Torno Subito 2022 will:

  • finance your course, parcially or totally, depending on the course price;
  • provide you board and lodging.

- Phase 2 -

It will take place inside the Lazio Region. You will be able to gain professional experience directly at SIINFO, putting your skills into practice.


How to get internship

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