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Developing customized software represents a key investment in terms of efficiency, dynamism and innovation for a company. Custom software development is a tool designed specifically for the needs and requirements of a company's activities, as opposed to the classic packages to which the company must adapt. Automation of workflows and processes are some of the areas where custom software development brings the greatest benefits such as higher productivity, more efficient processes, higher quality products, higher return on investment and much more.


First of all, it is necessary to understand what the customer's needs are, SIINFO offers a development team with competent and continuously updated professionals on design issues, to this is added the ability to understand the specific business context and offer suggestions on the action and development methodology. SIINFO offers this service by dividing it into 4 different steps:


    Starting from the needs and ideas required for a new product, we continue to build a prototype, which allows the creation of a minimum viable product for the next phase and allows the customer to verify that what is requested is actually valid and similar to his needs.


    This phase concerns the validation on the vital market to obtain the acceptance and approval of the minimum product. After being launched, the project moves to the development phase where the real tailor-made work begins.


    The SIINFO cross-functional development teams begin, in this phase, to model the prototype according to the requests.


    At this point, a valid solution is released that satisfies the needs and expectations. After the release it is possible to choose a continuous support level that allows the continuous maintenance of the software or any changes or even the addition of new features.

Benefits of Custom Software Development

The software factory guarantees a mitigation of the risks associated with the development process. By adopting agile best practices, in fact, you don't have to wait months to get a new application or a change, but rather you proceed for frequent releases, with small increments (bug fixes, addition of features or other improvements), which are immediately tested by users. Thus, in the event of an error or change of priority, there is the possibility to intervene promptly, limiting the risk of finding yourself, after a long period of work, with a finished product that is not working or no longer meets current business needs. Therefore, the potential waste and additional costs of a failed development are reduced, allowing the company to immediately enjoy the benefits obtainable from small changes (returns on investments in development are, therefore, much easier and quicker to achieve).
In the development of customized software, the developer team follows the customer's requests step by step to ensure that the customized software reflects the true needs of the company.
Since this is proprietary software, even the risks regarding data security are minimized: only the company and the supplier development team are able to access the information and it is also possible to intervene on the source code.

This service is aimed at any level of business, from the largest to the smallest. Request a cognitive consultation from one of our innovation managers and discover the advantages and solutions that best suit your business.


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