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Literally 'Cloud Computing' is a model for providing services through the Internet. In other words, it is the distribution of services such as storage resources, databases, computing services and servers, all over the network without the user having to worry or purchase all the underlying infrastructure. The services, as well as the resources, are provided and therefore produce a cost only and when are actually used. This delivery mechanism allows our customers to reduce the costs of designing, building, managing and maintaining their architectures while taking advantage of the additional advantage of facing usage costs only and if the resources are actually used.


SIINFO is the ideal partner to start exploiting the advantages of Cloud Computing or more generally of the CLOUD by providing professional and specialized assistance in migrating management, production and development systems on the most modern Cloud platforms. The CLOUD is considered the new frontier of IT, the largest companies in any sector have already completed or are finishing their migration to these new services.

SIINFO adopts, uses and promotes this new approach and is constantly alongside the companies that have embarked on this new adventure by providing sector experts, professionals and managers who can guide their customers step by step in migrating their software and services by offering assistance. specialized aimed at maximizing the result and optimizing its CLOUD infrastructure.

The Advantages of the Cloud

  • Cost: The expenses associated with the purchase of a software or hardware package are eliminated and it comes paid only what is used.

  • Speed: The distribution of services takes place on request and generally with a few mouse clicks you have a large amount of computing resources available in just a few minutes. It is therefore no longer machine capabilities need to be planned.

  • Global Scalability: Resources can be flexibly scaled to provide the right one amount of IT resources when needed and from the most appropriate geographic location. There scalability also reduces the costs of experimentation, it is possible to start a new project without having to buy the necessary hardware immediately, but instead you can assign in momentarily and almost instantaneously some resources to the new project and subsequently increase them in case of success or pay them or eliminate them if the project does not provide the results desired.

  • Productivity: Cloud Computing eliminates the need to organize and assemble racks or the need for configure Hardware. The time will then be used to achieve the corporate goal increasing business productivity.

  • Reliability: Data backups and disaster recovery are simpler and less expensive with the Cloud Computing and this leads to business continuity that makes the architecture reliable.

  • Security: Cloud computing offers a wide range of security policies, technologies and controls data and infrastructure.

CLOUD computing is aimed at any level of enterprise, from the largest to the smallest. Request a cognitive consultation from one of our innovation managers and discover the advantages and solutions that best suit your business.


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