We live in a digital era in profound transformation, corporate data has multiplied, social networks integrate corporate information and increasingly enter business mechanisms, in turn producing another infinity of raw data.
We know from the media or from the press officers of large companies that data is the new frontier, which are themselves not a consequence of our business but hard cash, as it is possible? How can “value” be extrapolated from raw data?

data visualization

Data Visualization and Business Intelligence are the tools that can make our data readable and monetizable.

What are:

Data Visualization is a technology that allows a graphical representation of raw data through the use of easy-to-understand visual elements such as tables, histograms, graphs and more. It allows their navigation, aggregation, refining and discovery through intuitive interfaces that allow decision makers to have a clear real situation based on the data of their areas of expertise.

Some important advantages:

  • Understanding - Synthesizing the information of interest through images allows you to steal the news essential and make them available immediately and directly.

  • Sharing - Graphical reports, as well as dashboards or dashboards have a single shared access that allows different people with different qualifications to access and understand information.

  • Forecast - Criticalities and opportunities related to the Business are so clear and visible that it is possible to analyze sets different types of data. The graphical representations thus allow to formulate scenarios of forecasting the future with greater confidence.

  • Decision - A decision-making process is certainly dictated by the knowledge of the data you have a layout. Knowing the information allows you to make more decisions aware and safe.

Data Visualization makes the approach to information, news and data simple, accessible and understandable and helps companies make sense of their data, regardless of their size and market sector in which operate.

Why is Data Visualization Important?

The science of Data Visualization comes from understanding how humans collect and process information. Having a summary view on the progress of your company and having data in a visual way allows the brain an immediate processing. On the contrary, our brains are not equipped to process and analyze millions of data at the same time as a computer would. This is why data visualization is so important.

How it works?

Data visualization tools are able to connect directly with sources. This data can be stored and retrieved for analysis. Users who use these tools therefore have all the information at their disposal and can select the best way to present it.

The main technologies we use for Data Visualization

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