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In a world in constant evolution and transformation it is necessary to have a figure projected to the future who is able to manage the resources and the complexity of the modernization processes. And this is where the Innovation Manager comes in. Its role is to contribute to the technological advancement of a company and guide its change, also increasing its competitiveness. To achieve all this, it is necessary to cultivate a cultural development and a spread of thought that directs the entire company to change to encourage the emergence of new ideas.


Why It Is Important?

  1. Need a figure who promotes experimentation and knows how to deal with a possible failure (an event to be inevitably accepted as a step towards success).

  2. The market is constantly evolving and changing very rapidly, so it is necessary to anticipate these changes in order to offer services and products in line with the needs of customers.

  3. Innovation is not only linked to technology but also to new business models focused on efficiency and flexibility.

Our consultants will favor digitalization and corporate reorganization processes and will develop skills on a technical and managerial level, capable of allowing the management of organizational and production complexity profiles that require technological transformation. Innovate by paying attention to risks and opportunities, with less waste and more lasting and advantageous results from an economic point of view. We support our customers in the implementation phase of strategic plans, to enhance the resources and skills existing within them and make useful decisions quickly. In addition to ideas and leadership, we offer our customers the tools to better position themselves on the market and understand the needs of their customers and better face the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

What Advantages Does the Innovation Manager Offer

Innovation management, understood as the definition, development and implementation of new product / service or process strategies, is a fundamental lever for corporate competitiveness.

Innovation Manager promotes innovation in order to achieve specific company objectives through targeted changes that can be achieved more easily and without wasting resources.

Innovation Manager Requirements

What skills distinguish an Innovation manager? What particular skills should they have and which tools should they know how to use?
  • Strategic vision, that is to identify elements and trends that could influence the market

  • Perfectly analyze the target market of the company for which he acts as a consultant.

  • Ability to motivate people and stimulate them to change

  • Creativity and curiosity that should stimulate the search for new opportunities

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